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Founder Microelectronics tenth anniversary celebration speech President Wang Heguang



Dear Xu Xiaotian, chairman, Chen Xian Secretary General, distinguished Chendong Min president, Wei Xin, Chairman, Distinguished leaders, distinguished guests, colleagues Founder Microelectronics of all, ladies and family members:

Hello everybody evening!


First, on behalf of all employees of the company, to participate in the celebration of the tenth anniversary of our leaders, distinguished guests, ladies and relatives warmest welcome to today provide a venue for us to support the Longgang streets and provide prizes sponsors express our most sincere thanks .

Today is the tenth anniversary of the birthday of Founder Microelectronics day, standing on this stage, at this moment, I feel very excited, can be said to be an upsurge of emotion, emotion, because I deeply know today all come easily. This decade relying on the support of the local government, relying on the guidance of industry associations, relying on the help of Peking University Founder Group, relying with customers and partners, Founder Microelectronics from seed, slowly take root and become a tree delicate trees, and then grow into a towering tree, this decade, we Microelectronics people with hard work and perseverance, beginning from a barren land, built a high-tech modern standard clean room, set up two chip production line, from the production and sales have achieved a historic breakthrough; this decade, we have experienced two rounds of the global economic crisis, we can say on a toll manufacturing companies, but we are still able to sail up and hold together for warmth, Risky business; this decade, our team from scratch, from small to large, from today totally dependent on foreign experts to train a group of our own Founder of young cadres, where they married, having children, sway youth, wrote a song after another struggler; this decade, we pay a lot, learned a lot, got a multi praise from all sectors of society, we have won the "Shenzhen Top Brand", "Guangdong Province Manufacturing Enterprise hundred "," IC China decades semiconductor top ten most growth enterprises "," National Labor Medal "and many other honors, numerous.

Years with the core, concentric years. Thanks to years from the birth of the Founder Microelectronics growth process, give us strong support to help government leaders concerned, association leaders, thanks to decades of consistent support and grow together closely with our customers, and the general partners who, thanks to Beijing University Founder Group Founder Microelectronics decades has always been confident, given strong support, thanks to decades of microelectronics through thick and thin and never betray each employee, thank you behind the scenes to support the families of every one of you.

Syngenetic decades of long years of each other, a decade'll stay, Founder Microelectronics is that you write a history of the achievements of the Founder Microelectronics today, a decade, a decade of gratitude, I was short Short of a few minutes, standing on the stage, unable to do the above expression, but only turned into the most simple and honest is the most sincere heartfelt words: deeply thank you, thank you!

Focused, ten years of work insistence, decades, just because our hearts have a dream - to change the pattern of eighty percent of China's dependence on imported chips, to build China's IC manufacturing industry, which is the group, the state of our expectations, but also the shoulders of each individual mission and responsibility, but we strive for the industry over the next decade, with the hopes and difficulties, opportunities and challenges, long way to go, which requires every one of us Microelectronics must be inspired, work together, the difficulties, and hard work, with our wisdom, sweat, hands to create our own future.

Although has entered the depths of winter, with bursts of cold, but I seem to smell the breath of spring, the ice melting, the water flow, that touch is the new green sprout, flower floral refreshing. Heart in the distance, a dream in front of the road at the foot of a dream, there is hope, there is hope there is the future, our future is not a dream.

Today is our birthday, New Year's bell sounded from only five days, and in this, I wish you all a Happy New Year, good health, family happiness, all wishes come true and success, thank you!






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