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Our North Dallas to attend APEC held



Dates between April 16-26, Wang led the marketing team to participate in the North Dallas organized by APEC, namely Applied Power Electronics Show, to understand the power applications related industries message and potential customers visited the same period in the Silicon Valley region, such as iWatt, IR, etc., in addition to some companies to explore the possibility of strategic cooperation, through the 10-day visit to learn about the market and the industrial structure of the semiconductor market in North America, the North American market development for the future develop strategies to provide a first-hand data.

APEC also that "Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition", "Applied Power Electronics Show", the exhibition of the 29th APEC focused on power electronics exhibition exhibitions covering the latest technology, including components, power supply support, design tools and services, to participate in the exhibition business 220 last year to 188 exhibitors have: Fairchild, Vishay, IR, TI, Infineon and so on.






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