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Let the Party's mass line of the collision of the flower of wisdom in practice



May 14 morning, Comrade Wang Heguang party visited Shenzhen Baolong workstation implementation of the Party's mass line and future development of the exchange visits.

The visit first heard Comrade Chen Yi Bing Webmaster Baolong workstation, summarizes some results obtained by the Party's mass line in carrying out the process, followed by the party of the urban unit of party practices on education Baolong Workstation "two Committee "consulted. And the formation of written materials, reported a higher level party committees. When consulted, "two committees" team to avoid, in order to get a more realistic proposal.

Finally, on behalf of the king Summary: Since the implementation of the Party's mass line, the Party committees at all levels do see an effective role, I hope this trend continues, let fruitful approach has been developed to allow a variety of activities to bear fruit, so There are feelings of the people of the party, so that the people regain faith in the party trust, these need to rely on the firm belief that the CPC Central Committee; addition, it is recommended to do the higher Party committees at Bonhams workstation "provides action", while combined service enterprises in the park special status, based itself from reality, organizational forms of activity, the enterprise needs through research, conduct business issues facing the association and other activities, the difficulties of SMEs, to help solve whatever help outside the scope of the right to appeal For large enterprises with good services, so that the park become a hot spot for long-term development of enterprises, becoming builders of homes to the deep.





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